An Artistic Identity


An Artistic Identity

A partnering space between world renowned North American manufacturer Saint‐Damase Group & its creative collaborators and partners.


HUMBLE NATURE is a creative and technological platform that provides unique, world-class architectural pieces and products. It's supported by the knowhow of the Saint-Damase Group and the creativity of its collaborators. HUMBLE NATURE was created to bring together a passionate design community that seeks exclusive and luxury products. We offer a personalized approach along with a direct connection to the raw materials, the manufacturing process as well as the creative minds behind the products. The result is local, sustainable, and responsible products. A seamless and direct experience between the manufacturer, the designer, and the consumer.


Community is central to the existence of Humble Nature. We believe in reinforcing the influence of local design on the international scene. As a result of this belief, we continually invest in local resources, creators, and manufacturers. We also make a point of maintaining our facilities in areas where our employees live and prosper. This is what defines us and makes us unique.


By continually challenging ourselves, we have pursued ethical and sustainable practices for more than 40 years. Understanding the vulnerability of our resources and our environment helps us become better manufacturers. Our facilities, products, suppliers, collaborators, and materials are carefully selected to respect our contribution objective, enabling us to offer durable and timeless products. We are determined to minimize overseas sourcing and unnecessary transportation and handling. We make this our commitment and contribution to our community and environment.


We cultivate a distinctive artistic community that shares a passion for aesthetics and ethically produced goods. We believe in bringing together creative minds, detail-oriented thinkers, exclusive local resources, sustainable practices, and an exceptional personalized approach to redefine the home experience. Our legacy is offering the best world-class and exclusive luxury products.

A new way of thinking

A new way of thinking