by Caroline Monnet

It is thanks to an Anishinaabe tale of a strong and wise beaver who created the hills of the Outaouais region that inspired the curves and movement of a sleek and stunning masterpiece. By collaborating with recognized artist Caroline Monnet, this inspiration has come to life and transformed into a piece that speaks to nature, that invites unions, and represents a nation and its people.

“It has always been an ambition of mine to showcase my art through a piece of furniture. To tell a story in a different light to give meaning and purpose to something tangible. To be able to create this with a partner who shares similar values is incredible.” Caroline Monnet


It is important for both, HUMBLE NATURE and Caroline Monnet, to give back a portion of the profits on this piece to the Indigenous people to ensure that local communities are supported and that we as humans continue to educate ourselves on the past, to improve the future. HUMBLE NATURE and Caroline Monnet partnered with Mikana, an Indigenous non-profit organization that works for social change by raising awareness of the realities and perspectives of Indigenous people.

The Amik collection is available in a limited edition.